Milan -Italy
T +39.02.87396811
M +39.338.3985387
VAT nr. 03583340272

Nicola Vallotto was born in Venice in 1974, where he completed his studies with a BA in Humanities and began working as a photoreporter.

He then moved to Milan where he currently lives and works but would be willing to relocate should an opportunity for an interesting project or well-paid position (or perhaps both) arise.
Nicola believes that a photographer's work should be judged on the merit of the actual work produced and not on his family tree or his favourite colour, which in any case is green, some days even blue.

Clients (alphabetical order): A-lab, Brooksfield, Cariparma, Cartoon Network/Turner, Ca' Vagan Cashmere, Coveri, Daily Telegraph, Diego-M, DT, FHM, NOX mags (Mc Ediciones), Dmajuscule, Fastweb, Giorgio Armani, Kemon hair-style, Kinder Ferrero, Metal mag, Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, Piazza Sempione , Porzia T beachwear, Playboy Russia, RCS, So Tacky mag, Striking Cashmere, Rossia mag, Type A1, Università Milano Bicocca, Vogue bambino etc.

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